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Trinidad and Tobago – The Heartland of the Caribbean

Posted on 25 December 2018 by admin (0)

Touring the two-island getaway Trinidad and Tobago is like hitting two birds with one stone. Trinidad and Tobago are made up of two islands. Trinidad is the most prolific and the busiest while Tobago is relaxed, calm and the best location for quiet vacations or honeymoons. If you want variety then head to Trinidad for a more robust experience then you can go back to Tobago to recharge and soothe your senses. Trinidad and Tobago used to be the best-kept secret getaway destination, but now it has become a tourist hub because of the island’s accessibility to air and water transportation.

Experience Carnival

This beautiful little carnival takes place two days every year; it is a get together of varied cultures and traditions. Travelers from all around the world come and enjoy, and there are no kinds of dissimilarities for anything happening here. People just come to relax and enjoy these short two days of time. Trinidad carnival costumes are also popular; people put on diverse costumes during this festival and enjoy their time. Titled as “jump-up,” the Carnival is a very bright and colorful festival usually organized weeks and sometimes even months before the actual celebration. Although the Carnival season plays host to some shows and contests that include the famed Dimanche Gras, the Calypso Monarch competition, and the Steel band Panorama competition, the grand finale of the Carnival season is the final days known as Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Those familiar with the Christian calendar would recognize these two days as immediately preceding Ash Wednesday. In fact, this is a hint for visitors needing to locate the Carnival dates in any given year: simply locate Ash Wednesday and locate the two previous days to find Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Island tours

It enables scores of travelers to appreciate both the outer beauty and the best-kept secrets of Trinidad and Tobago. Fairly priced hiking tours allow travelers to see the magnificent rainforests. Other Caribbean travel packages featuring guided tours will unveil many places of interests like Hindu bazaars and places of worship, museums, and take part in some cultural activities. For those who fancy exploring the two-island destination at their own pace can go and check out the various shops dotting the streets. Trinidad offers a variety of finds such as foreign items like special deals on French fragrances, and native crafts and apparel. Tobago, the smaller of the two islands, also offers new attire, home decors with an oriental touch along with handicrafts.

Calypso is a hybrid of reggae music that originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is well loved by the people in the area. Make sure before leaving Trinidad and Tobago, you get to have a taste of this kind of music, which you might not get to hear elsewhere. You may even be surprised to know that Calypso music is one of the things that will make your trip to the country worthwhile.